These are several essays regarding my views on topics that interest me. This section is common to many home pages and is often called "Rant and Raves" by many other sites. However, I try to keep my words professional and intelligent. Hence, the more appropriate title. The reason I wrote these is to give you a better look at who I am by examining how I view the world. These perspectives are not meant to offend anyone, they are simply my opinions. If you do get offended, please forgive me, it was not my intention, but these are my views regardless.

My views here are expressed in an uncensored manner. If you feel that I'm a closed-minded bigot because of my views, that's your prerogative, but try to understand that I am quite open-minded. I enjoy the company of people from all walks of life and I try to treat them all the same.

Because I'm a human, my views towards various topics continue to change over the years. I try to keep these essays updated as my views towards the issues change.

Big Brother Companies
Body Piercing
Gun Control
Pain Killers
Video Games

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