For those of you who just -have- to know what I look like, here are assorted pictures of me, in reverse chronological order. More photos can be found in my Life section. Someday I'll get older pictures up here, so you can see what I looked like as a strapping young lad when I was beardless with short hair!

Age 30

I have a cat hat.

Age 29

My Chrono Cross Nikki costume at Youmacon.

Looking like a badass while squatting on the IHOP parking lot privacy wall, and watching the ladies swoon over the awesomeness that is Chloe.

Wearing slacks and a vest at Brit's 20th birthday party.

Age 28

I'm serious people, that's enough houndstooth!

I'm a tanooki! Minus the tail, the two-foot-diameter testicles, and the ability to turn into a statue.

My latest shirt creation.

This is to top half of my mostly-finished costume of Nikki from Chrono Cross.

The ego picture for the August issue of Cerebral Seepage.

Age 27

On the frozen shores of Lake Huron.

Yay! My new shirt to offset sexism. This is what a masculist looks like!

My new coat. It's a skiing coat from Apogee. Not the software company.

My new black leather pauldrons, still a little stiff.

Monkeying around at the Detroit Zoo.

Age 26

My new Atari jersey! I'm a retro gamer, yo!

Vanity, they name is Dean.

That's right, I rocked the vote!

Okay, now I know I have a bit of an ego, but still... I LOOK SO FREAKING HOT IN THIS PICTURE! This was my Day of Wrong costume. I don't think they had latex pants during the Italian Renaissance.

This was pirate weekend at Silverleaf. I'm not totally pirate, but pretty close.

This is my dog. His name is Pooka, from the Anastasia animated movie. He was given to me by an girlfriend several years ago, who has long since become an ex, but I still keep Pooka around because he rocks.

Everyone else is doing it, so I have to be cool as well. You'll notice though, that I'm extra cool because I used grid paper, the bestest paper in the world.

I have a new belt with studs on it, so now I'm really hardcore.

A shirt that I made using fabric pens. I got a lot of strange looks on the day of its maiden voyage (the day before Easter).

Age 25

I braved the dangers of wearing a red shirt (Star Trek humor). This was on our way out for drinking an dancing. I did none of the former and little of the latter. Hey kids, TheAlmightyGuru says, "Buckle up for satefy!"

Here kittie kittie kittie!

This is a good example of my bluish-green eyes.

Showing off the sexy chest. And yes, that's a girl's hand!

Kevin and I rockin' out on the DDR machine.

Just about to fail Paranoia Survivor.

Amber and me at Julie's Rocky Horror Picture Show party, darling.

Once again at the Mayfaire wearing a sexy feathered boa.

Here I am at the Mayfaire in jail just after being wenched. Good times.

This is Rachel and me at the 2005 Rilo Kiley concert in Detroit.

This is myself and Danielle from the April arcade lock-in.

Age 24

This is Keith and me. Everyone says that we're twins, but I don't see the resemblance.

This is from the Shiabruck faire. I'm fighting Monica, a quality fighter with a nice feminine combat style.

Here I am at the Silverleaf Faire. Fishnet shirts, torn jeans, eyeliner, and mascara. Yes, it was period garb.

ARRRGH! Giant lizard attack!

Age 23

This is the most real-to-life picture of me. At my computer, glasses on, hair in a ponytail, stupid grin. I've played with the color a little bit to make it slightly interesting to look at.

Oh yeah, I look sexy in makeup and women's clothes. Here you can see a perfect example of my asymentric smile. I'm also not sporting my trademark beard.

Okay, maybe I can't fly. However, I can, it seems, ingest sand and not die. Although, most of it was spit out at this point.

Look at me! I can fly!

Don't I look just darling in braids? Chicks love the long hair, even if they always want to make you look girly.

This picture was taken by Freya at the Silverleaf Renaissance Faire. I'm wearing some nice poofy clothes.

Me at the Detroit Comic Convention. The wind really gives me that studly look. ;-P

This is the horrible sun burn I acquired from an entire day of boffering in the sun without sun block. I learned my lesson!

Age 22

This is a self-portrait. I wanted a cool picture of myself looking in the mirror trying to stare myself down. I used a lamp because the camera's flash would ruin the picture. The result was amazing. I love this picture.

I'm sure everyone gazes this intently at their computer. I'm not strange!

Here I am wrestling with James. He's a though opponent, but I eventually won.

This is me at the Grand Valley State University Shakespeare Faire. It was very windy and very cold, but I look darn sexy in this black and white photo taken by Melissa.

This is a picture of myself at the campfire we had in a driveway. The angle combined with the fleece makes me look fat.

After a -long- day at the faire, Larissa decided to take advantage of my sluggishness and put a bra on me. I don't really think I'm a D-cup. Although, this is a good shot of my beautiful braid I had done.

Then I had to sing "Sweet Transvestite" from the "Rocky Horror Picture Show". Sadly, they wouldn't let me keep the red boa.

In order to be released from prison, I had to dress up very dainty like.

Larissa had my put in jail for ... Well let's just say it was bad. You can tell I looked pleased.

Here I am in my Renaissance garb. This is my nobleman look. Not as comfortable as my peasant garb, but a lot cooler looking.

Here I am practicing the whip. Larissa wanted to get some topless pictures of me. Although the sun makes my hair look very poofy, I like the masculine look.

This is how I dressed for the Detroit Comic Convention with Sarah. I got a few looks which was, of course, what I was going for.

This is actually how I sleep. My pillow covers my head. Why? Beats the heck outta me, but it's very hard for me to fall asleep any other way.

Age 21

Me in a velvet shirt, looking evil. Much better.

Another picture in my old house.

This is me in my old house sitting at my computer desk. Boy I'm pale!

This is the first picture I ever had taken of myself at the Silverleaf Renaissance Faire. It's also one of my favorite pictures of myself. I look mucho sexy!

Here is my co-worker Jon and I falling asleep on the Millennium Force at Cedar Point. I do love my Atari shirt.