'Salem's Lot

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'Salem's Lot
Author Stephen King
Published 1975-10-17
Type Fiction
Genre Horror
Themes Horror, Vampires
Age Group Adult

'Salem's Lot is a horror novel by Stephen King published on 1975-10-17.



I started listening to it as an audio book, but gave up.




— This section contains spoilers! —


  • There are some really good descriptions and usage of words throughout the book.


  • The beginning, with the prologue and Ben reacquainting himself with Jerusalem's Lot, goes on for far too long. It reads more like a travelogue than a horror novel.
  • King repeats the false belief about hair and fingernails continuing to grow after death as though it is a fact... it is not.
  • The vampire rules, while old-timey and quaint, are a bit silly. Crosses made of plastic and tongue depressors taped together are highly effective against vampires?


  • I don't care for fiction where innocent people are killed, but 'Salem's Lot has a lot of it, even among children and infants. There are also heartbreaking scenes of the parents crying over their dead children.
  • Fiction always requires some level of suspension of disbelief, but, like most stories in the horror genre, this one requires the reader to swallow Christianity hook, line, and sinker for it to work. This is particularly difficult for me as a former Christian who found out just how made-up the religion really is.


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