(I Fell in Love with the) Majesty of Colors

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(I Fell in Love with the) Majesty of Colors

I Fell In Love With the Majesty of Colors - STEAM - Title Card.jpg

Steam - World - Title card.

Developer Gregory Weir
Publisher Gregory Weir
Published 2008-12-10
Platforms Android, Browser, iOS, Macintosh, Windows
Genres Passive puzzle, Puzzle
Themes Science Fiction
Distribution Commercial, Freeware

(I Fell in Love with the) Majesty of Colors is a short puzzle video game developed and published by Gregory Weir and released as a free browser game on 2008-12-10. It was later remastered for Android, iOS, Linux, Macintosh, and Windows in 2018 and sold commercially.

In the game, you play an undersea monster and control its actions as people begin to interact with it. The game has several endings and encourages multiple play-throughs to see them all. The original version was written in Flash.


Won?Yes. All endings.
FinishedAround 2010.

I was directed to this game through autofish.net around 2010. I liked the idea and found all the endings.


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3 3 4 2 5

Best Version: Windows

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The game makes good use of pixel art and animation.
  • The various stories that can occur are interesting and the game keeps you interested enough to want to explore your options.
  • The jagged movement of tentacle and the eyes make for a good sea monster.


  • Having to slowly replay the early sections of the game several times in order to see all the endings is boring.
  • Kind of a dull title screen.


  • The game is too short and it's too easy to figure out the endings.




Longplay, Flash.
Longplay, Windows.

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Strong female character?FailThere are no women.
Bechdel test?FailThere are no women.
Strong person of color character?FailThough everyone is drawn with just a few pixels, everyone still appears white.
Queer character?FailThere are no queer characters.


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