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About a Boy is a television show adaption of the book About a Boy originally written by Nick Hornby, with the first episode being shown on 2014-02-02. The show stars David Walton as Will Freeman, Minnie Driver as Fiona Bowa, and Benjamin Stockham as Marcus Bowa. It only lasted two seasons. This is the third and final work in the About a Boy universe.


After finishing the book and movie, I discovered that there was a short-lived TV series with the same theme. Seeing that it was only 2 seasons, I feared it would be bad, but hoped it was because they serialize the book and ended once the material was used up. When I started watching it, I quickly saw that it was just a garbage show.



— This section contains spoilers! —

I have watched the first two episodes, and tried to watch the third, but it was too awful to continue. The source material has been hacked to pieces; only the basic premise is used in the show. The story is now set in California and all the characters, except for Fiona, are American, most of whom are mere caricatures of their former selves. The pilot episode even focuses on the ending of the film, which itself had nothing to do with the book in the first place. These changes could be forgivable if the show was great, but all the seriousness from the book, the suicide, the bullying, etc., was replaced with basic shallow American situational comedy. Even Minnie Driver couldn't save it. Very disappointing.


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