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The company's final logo.

Absolute Entertainment was an American video game production company formed in 1986 by former Activision designers and programmers Garry Kitchen, Dan Kitchen, David Crane, Alex DeMeo, John Van Ryzin. Like with Activision, they chose the name so that it would appear first in an alphabetical list. The company's internal development team was Imagineering which they completely absorbed around 1992. They originally focused on the, by then obsolete, Atari 2600 and Atari's soon to be failed Atari 7800 before expanding to a large variety of 8 and 16-bit platforms. The bulk of their titles were contractual work to make licensed games, so the company didn't have any major hits, and, by 1995, they were defunct. Most of the former employees went to Skyworks Technologies.


I didn't play much of Absolute Entertainment's games, the only one I really enjoyed was A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia, but, even then, I didn't pay attention to who made it. While reading about the company to make this page, I discovered why I played so few of their games: they mostly produced licensed titles for franchises I had little interest in.

Video Games

These are the games published by Absolute Entertainment that are important to me.


These are the people who worked for Absolute Entertainment that are important to me.





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