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Myst is perhaps the best-selling adventure game ever.

Adventure is a broad story-based video game genre where in the player follows characters through an adventure. It is one of the seminal video game genres easily dating back at least to 1976 with Adventure. All the early adventure games were text adventures, but, as the graphic capabilities in computers improved, the graphic adventure became the dominate sub-genre through the 1980s while text adventures saw a steep decline in popularity. A cross-genre called the action adventure merges action video games with an adventure story. In the 1990s, graphic adventures declined and were largely replaced by the visual novel, though it's far less interactive and puzzle-driven than the former sub-genres.


As a big fan of grand adventures, and adventures being some of the very first video games I ever played on home computers, I enjoy many adventure games, though I tend to prefer those with strong visuals.


For all adventure games, see the category page.

Because the genre is so broad, check the pages for text adventure, graphic adventure, and visual novel to see specific games that are important to me.



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