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Also Which?

Also Which - WEB - Screenshot - Title.png

Browser - Screenshot - Title.

Developer Nekogames
Publisher Nekogames
Published 2013-??-??
Platforms Browser
Genres Passive puzzle, Puzzle, Single-screen
Series Which?

Also Which? is a passive puzzle video game developed and published by Nekogames as a browser game in 2013. It is the third and final game in the Which? series. The game was programmed in Flash.

In the game, you're presented with a series of two seemingly identical circles and asked which one has a particular property, such as, which is soft, heavy, sticky, etc. Your goal is to use the mouse to interact with the circles in order to discover which one fulfills the property.


Own?No. The game was never sold.

After I finished Which?, I decided to play the other games in the series.


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3 5 3 1 3

Best Version: Browser

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The game is a series of simple, but enjoyable, puzzles.
  • Part of the fun of the game is seeing how the correct circle interacts with the environment.
  • I never did find anything to distinguish between the "twinkle" circles, but, after watching a walkthough, I was impressed at the cleverness of using the previous puzzle to affect the next one.


  • The graphics, though passable, could be better.


  • The game is too short. It took me just a couple minutes to finish.
  • The game lack audio entirely.






Strong female character?FailThere are no characters.
Bechdel test?FailThere are no characters.
Strong person of color character?FailThere are no characters.
Queer character?FailThere are no characters.


Role Staff
Entire Game Yoshio Ishii


Language Native Transliteration Translation
English Also Which?
Japanese さらにどっち? Sarani Dotchi? Which One Is Moreover?