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An Apple IIgs.

The Apple IIGS (often written as "IIgs" to denote the small capital letters) is a 16-bit personal computer sold by Apple and first released 1986-09-15. The GS stands for "graphics and sound", indicating that this computer focuses on multimedia capabilities. Unlike the Apple II or Macintosh before it, the Apple IIgs shipped with a color graphical user interface and a built-in Ensoniq ES5503 audio chip. The Apple IIgs uses a WDC 65C816 CPU and also includes a custom chip which emulates most of the Apple II giving the GS 95% backward compatibility. Although the GS wasn't the last model in the Apple II line, it was the last one with significant hardware improvements.


Growing up with very little access to Apple products, I didn't even know about the GS until my 20s when I saw started seeing it as a platform on MobyGames. When I first saw screenshots of games which ran on it, it didn't look any different than the Amiga or Atari ST, so I had little interest in it. It wasn't until I started doing more research into audio chips for the Video Game Music Preservation Foundation that I discovered one of it's major selling points was its built in audio chip. I still haven't bothered much with the computer since it didn't have very many interesting games or software.

I do not own, nor have I ever even used an Apple IIgs.


I haven't used the computer enough to review it.


See all Apple IIgs Games.

There aren't any GS games that are important to me. Also, since most of the games developed for the GS were ports from other platforms, the developers often didn't take full advantage of the system's hardware.





Review - LGR.


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