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Atari's logo.

Atari is a brand and company name that was formed on 1972-06-28, but has since gone through so many bankruptcies, mergers, and restructurings that it's difficult to call it a single company any more. Despite that fact, it is one of the pioneers of the video game industry creating many important games, consoles, and home computers.

I learned about Atari around 1985 when my family acquired a used Atari 2600 from a garage sale. Though I loved the console and our collection of games, it became little more than a paper weight after my brother and I got a Nintendo Entertainment System. I remember reading about the impending release of the Jaguar in the mid-1990s and finding it comical that Atari was making a comeback since I still thought of them as a primitive game company. Although, still having a love for Atari, I was disappointed that the console flopped.


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