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Atlus's logo.

Atlus, known in Japan as (株式会社アトラス [Kabushiki Gaisha Atorasu]), is a Japanese video game developer and published currently owned by Sega. The company was founded on 1986-04-07, initially only developing games for other publishers, especially LJN, but Atlus expanded into publishing in 1989. The company developed or published about 150 games up until 2010 and, for awhile, owned the catalog of Technos. In October 2010, Atlus merged into Index Holdings later renamed to Index Corporation. In September 2013, Index Corporation was bought by Sega Sammy Holdings who sold it to Sega Dream Corporation, only to rename it back to Index Corporation. Then, in 2014, all the video game assets were split from Index Corporation into a new company called Atlus which was meant to act as Atlus did prior to the merger. Publications were sparse during the transitions, but, by 2014, Atlus was once again publishing and developing video games.


My early experience with Atlus was as the developer of several poorly-made LJN games before I even knew they were a company. I may have seen their name here and there, but it wasn't until the advent of emulation, when I had the ability to play all the games I missed out on, that I was able to discover Atlus actually made or published some pretty good games too. I haven't played any of Atlus's more popular series like Megami Tensei or Persona.


These are the games Atlus worked on that are important to me. For all Atlus games, see the categories for games developed or published.


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