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Xbox One title card.

Axiom Verge is a science fiction-themed Metroidvania video game developed entirely by Thomas Happ and published by Thomas Happ Games for PlayStation 4 on 2014-03-21, and then later ported to several other platforms. You play a scientist named Trace who, after and experiment mishap, is transported to another planet where a most of the occupants are either dead or dying because of a ruthless evil bent on taking over the universe. The game borrows heavily from the Metroid series, and other 8 and 16-bit games, but also adds a lot of content and power-ups never seen before.


I own the complete Axiom Verge bundle which comes with the game, soundtrack, and commentary videos through Steam and am currently playing it.



  • The graphics are gorgeous. In addition to using Metroid for inspiration, the game has a lot of very attractive and intricate bosses and backgrounds.
  • The music is nice and atmospheric, but still has enough interest to stand on its own.
  • I like the idea of a glitched reality, and the glitched animations are interesting to look at.


  • Like with Metroid before it, a lot of the hidden objects have no hints that they exist. This means, if you want to try and find them, you have to use the laser drill on every wall in the game, a very time-consuming and boring process.
  • The grappling hook power-up doesn't feel very fluid.


  • Nothing.


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