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North American box art.

Babe and Friends is a puzzle video game themed on the film Babe: Pig In the City. It was developed by Aqua Pacific and David A. Palmer Productions and published by Crave Entertainment on 1999-11-30 for the Game Boy Color.

I wanted to expand my knowledge of the Game Boy Color, and this game was listed as a popular title, so I tried it out. After starting the game and getting a feel for it, I checked to make sure it wasn't super long, and, after finding out I would probably beat it in a couple hours, I played it through to the end.


I do not own this game, but I beat it on 2019-09-02 in a single play through.


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Best Version: Game Boy Color

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The game creates an enjoyable challenge for an hour or two and nicely uses the characters and locations from the film, and gets right the theme of a pig herding sheep. For a film-tie-in game, it wasn't that bad.
  • Some of the puzzles require you to think a little outside the box, but, since it's for kids, nothing is too difficult.


  • The graphics are pretty awful. The general backgrounds are passable, but not great, the enemy sprites are pretty bad, and the portraits of the film's animals are awful.
  • A couple of the game mechanics that are introduced later in the game — like the moveable arrow blocks and the control arrows — aren't used to their full potential.
  • The hazards of the game are pretty uninspired. Why is the hospital full of runaway wheelchairs?
  • Since there isn't any randomness to the game, every replay is identical.
  • I would have liked it if the developers blocked off future maps rather than let you explore areas that aren't related to the current puzzle. This caused me a bit of frustration when I overlooked the goal flag and assumed a later one was the goal.
  • The game uses Comic Sans as a font. For shame.
  • The puzzle keys are always so easy to find they're just a pointless diversion. It would have been nicer if there was a challenge behind getting them.
  • A lot of the dialogue is pointless affirmations rather than hints. I really don't need a duck telling me I've done a good job.


  • The game is easily forgettable. There just isn't anything very clever or interesting about it.
  • The game is too short. If you're good at puzzle games you won't get much more than an hour of play out of it. But, honestly, it's so boring, I couldn't take much more of it.
  • The music is repetitive and the same dull background tune plays throughout the entire game!


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