Back to the Light

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Back to the Light

Brian May - Back to the Light - CD - UK.jpg

CD - UK - first edition.

Artist Brian May
Published 1992-09-28
Type Studio
Genre Rock, Hard rock, Blues rock, Soft rock
Themes Redemption, growth, relationships, death

Back to the Light is the first solo album by Brian May. It was published on 1992-09-28 and produced by May and Justin Shirley-Smith. The songs on the album are all variations of rock including hard rock, blues rock, and soft rock. The overall theme of the album is examining the problems of your life, seeing where you went wrong, and overcoming the depression to get back to happiness.

Brian May originally wrote the songs Headlong and I Can't Live with You for this album, but, after hearing Freddie Mercury sing them, he decided they should be Queen songs, and they were used on Innuendo. Similarly, May's song, Too Much Love Will Kill You, was also recorded by Mercury, but not released until after he died on the album Made in Heaven.


After I had amassed the bulk of the Queen catalog, I started buying the band member's solo albums. I started with some of Freddie Mercury's albums, and, after being a little unimpressed with them, I moved on to this one. Although I remember noticing that it lacked the pomp of Queen's music, I still really love it, and it has become my favorite solo album of any member of Queen, it's even surpassed some Queen albums. However, I often think of how several of the songs would have benefited from input from the other members of Queen. A couple of the songs are pretty lame, and Freddie Mercury would never let that stand. They would either have to be jazzed up or cut.

I own this album on CD.

Track Listing

Track Title Writer(s) Vocals Rank Rating
1 The Dark Brian May Brian May 12 Rating-1.svg
2 Back to the Light Brian May Brian May 1 Rating-8.svg
3 Love Token Brian May Brian May 10 Rating-3.svg
4 Resurrection Brian May, Cozy Powell, Jamie Page Brian May 2 Rating-8.svg
5 Too Much Love Will Kill You Brian May, Frank Musker, Elizabeth Lamers Brian May 3 Rating-8.svg
6 Driven by You Brian May Brian May 4 Rating-7.svg
7 Nothin' But Blue Brian May, Cozy Powell Brian May 6 Rating-6.svg
8 I'm Scared Brian May Brian May 11 Rating-2.svg
9 Last Horizon Brian May Instrumental 7 Rating-5.svg
10 Let Your Heart Rule Your Head Brian May Brian May 8 Rating-4.svg
11 Just One Life Brian May Brian May 5 Rating-6.svg
12 Rollin' Over Ronnie Lane, Steve Marriott Brian May 9 Rating-3.svg

The album's total score is 547.



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