Biblical Hebrew

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Biblical Hebrew is an archaic form of the Hebrew language that is no longer spoken or written for normal communication. It is a Canaanite Semitic language which developed around 1000 BCE and eventually evolved into Mishnaic Hebrew in the first century CE. It is a very important historical language because it was used for various ancient Hebrew documents, including those in the Tanakh.

Although many words in Biblical Hebrew exist unchanged in modern Hebrew, there are many differences between the two, most notably the fact that the alphabet underwent drastic changes. The original Hebrew alphabet used a modified Phoenician alphabet, but around 500 BCE, Hebrew began to shift to a modified Aramaic alphabet. Vowels have also changed dramatically not changing in sounds, but increasing in variety. And, to complicate matters, Hebrew didn't even start writing their vowels until around 200 CE when they began including vowel marks called nikkud.

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