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Billy Joel, c. 2010.

William Martin Joel (born 1949-05-09) is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and composer. As he is primarily a piano player, most of his songs focus heavily on piano. His primary genre is pop rock with new wave tendencies, and frequently soft rock, but he often incorporates elements of doo wop, blues, jazz, soul, classical, and folk rock. Billy Joel has released over a dozen albums, most of which were extremely very successful. Some of the more popular themes found in Billy Joel's music include love, romance, relationships, rebellion, insecurity, nostalgia, and politics.


The first half of Billy Joel's albums were released before I was born, and most of the remainder were published before I became interested in music or when I was only listening to music targeted toward young teens. Because of this, the first song of Joel's that I clearly remember hearing on the radio wasn't until 1989, We Didn't Start the Fire, which I enjoyed, but didn't really understand at the time. I started listening more to the radio in my mid-teens, especially classic rock stations, and Billy Joel's music came up frequently. When my mother bought Greatest Hits: Volume I & Volume II, I knew several of the songs, which made it easy to appreciate the others. When I started buying albums of my own, I got my own copy of Greatest Hit I & II, as well as Greatest Hits Volume III which got me into more of his later music. In the 2000s, I downloaded all of his albums and discovered that I didn't like the majority of his non-singles. However, my friend Jackie spoke very highly of Vienna, so I listened to it, and liked it a lot.

One of the reasons I like Billy Joel's music so much is that it covers a lot of the emotions I feel and is also easy to listen to.


Studio Albums

Released Title Own Rank Notes
1971-11-01 Cold Spring Harbor - 12
1973-11-09 Piano Man - 3
1974-10-11 Streetlife Serenade CD 6
1976-05-19 Turnstiles - 5
1977-09-29 The Stranger - 1 514
1978-10-13 52nd Street - 11
1980-03-12 Glass Houses - 8
1982-09-23 The Nylon Curtain CD 7
1983-08-08 An Innocent Man - 4
1986-07-29 The Bridge - 9
1989-10-17 Storm Front - 2
1993-08-10 River of Dreams CD 10
2001-10-02 Fantasies & Delusions - -


This is a list of some of my favorite Billy Joel songs. For all their songs, see Billy Joel Songs.



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