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BioShock is a first-person shooter video game developed by 2K Australia and 2K Boston and published by 2K Games 2007-08-21 for PlayStation 3, Windows, and XBox 360, and later for Macintosh. The player controls a character whose plane crashes outside the entrance of an underwater Libertarian society that has devolved into chaos. The player is in constant radio communication with a man named Atlas who offers to guide him through the dangerous city safely if he'll only help him and his family escape to the surface.


I've started and stopped this game multiple times, and I doubt I will try to beat it again.

I own BioShock and BioShock: Remastered on Steam, but I haven't beaten either.



  • The game has fantastic atmosphere. Knowing that you're stuck in underwater city that is slowly falling apart, knowing that at any minute it could all collapse around you, makes it very claustrophobic. And the medical wing is a perfect horrifying beginning.
  • The 50's art deco style of the architecture, the graphic design, and the cartoon work is all really lovely.
  • The game's audio perfectly fits the mood. There is a great score for various planned events, and the 50's style music adds to the creepiness of the game.
  • The design of the enemies is pretty good. The splicers are nice an terrifying, but the game really shines with the Big Daddies and Little Sisters.


  • The game is too scary for my taste, and all the jump-scares forced me to save scum all the time, which slowed do the game.
  • While I thought it was a neat idea at first, the Pipe Dream minigame to "hack" into vending machines and safes slows down the pace of the game.
  • It seems like enemies frequently spawn out of thin air. I would clear an area with closed-off exits, but then, later on, more enemies would be in the area. By not playing by its own rules, this injured the game experience for me.



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