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QBittorrent is a notable text editor.

A BitTorrent client is a computer program that handles downloading and uploading files using the BitTorrents protocol.


I saw my friends using a variety of BitTorrent clients in the early 2000s, but the first one I used was Shareaza since I already had it installed for peer-to-peer file sharing. Finding it quite lacking, I switched to μTorrent which I used for years. However, as that program kept removing features and adding ads, I eventually replaced it with QBittorrent, which is what I use now.


Name Platforms Notes
QBittorrent BSD, Linux, Macintosh, Windows Favorite. Good replacement for μTorrent.
μTorrent Android, Linux, Macintosh, Windows Adware.
Shareaza Windows BitTorrent was tacked on.
Vuze Android, Linux, Macintosh, Windows Severely bloated.