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Bitwise: A Life in Code

Bitwise - Life In Code, A - Hardcover - USA - 1st Edition.jpg

Hardcover - USA - 1st edition.

Author David Auerbach
Published 2018-08-28
Type Non-fiction
Genre Memoir
Themes Computers, Hacking
Age Group Adult

Bitwise: A Life In Code is the memoirs of software engineer David Auerbach published on 2018-08-28.

The book discusses Auerbach's initial interest in computers, his work at Microsoft on the Messenger client, and his move to Google. He also describes how topics that have nothing to do with computers can be represented by computers.


Own?Hardcover, USA, 1st edition
Read?Hardcover, USA, 1st edition

I saw this book in the new hardcover releases in Barnes and Noble while looking for a new book to read. The title struck me, and, after seeing various computer diagrams littered throughout the book, I was pretty confident I would like it. I almost never buy books at their MSRP, but, since I had just finished a book and needed a new one, and, not wanting to give Jeff Bezos more money, I bought it at full price. Overall, it was enjoyable, but not a good as I was hoping.





  • Auerbach tells some interesting stories like his rivalry between AOL Instant Messenger and the Microsoft Messenger Service.
  • Several interesting areas of computer science are discussed like recursion in Logo and using Poke and Peek to do interesting stuff in BASIC languages.
  • I like how he applies the useful things he's learned from programming to other areas of his life like relationships and child-rearing.
  • I like that the hardcover exterior is chartreuse.


  • Auerbach often goes on long tangents about things completely unrelated to computers like an entire chapter on personality tests and another on the DSM. While both are interesting topics, I'm not really interested in his dilettante opinion.
  • A lot of the book has very little to do with computers and seems more like personal opinions.


  • Nothing.