Blacks sold their own kind into slavery

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Blacks sold their own kind into slavery is a response used to justify slavery, specifically in regard to the Atlantic slave trade. This page is my criticism and counter-argument to this response.

Not all black people are the same kind

Africans didn't sell their own "kind" because not all black people are the same kind. White people destroyed all of the evidence black people had of their true cultural origins by forcing them to adopt the English language, the Christian religion, and American culture. Because of this, modern white people tend to group all black people into a single culture, but the reality is, Africa is a very large and diverse continent with thousands of different ethnic groups. There is not, nor has there ever been, a monolithic black culture on the continent. To make an analogy with white people, it would be like the Germans selling Polish people into slavery and someone arguing that, since they're both white, the Germans "sold their own kind." Only someone ignorant to European history would think Germans and Poles are the "same kind," and only someone ignorant to African history would think that all Africans were of the "same kind."

It doesn't matter who sold who

Even if an African ethnic group did sell members of their own tribe into slavery, so what? Does it mean those who were enslaved deserved it? Does it absolve the people who bought and owned slaves? If a person sold their own sibling into slavery, is the slave buyer justified in enslaving them because they were sold by a relative?


It makes no difference who sells or buys slaves. Buying, selling, or owning slaves is immoral and so is justify slavery. It's also ignorant to think all black people belong to the same culture.