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Blake Sennet (c. 2011).

Blake Sennett Swendson (born 1973-09-22), is an American musician and actor, best known for his work with the band Rilo Kiley and, to a lesser extent, The Elected and Night Terrors of 1927. He mostly plays indie pop music.


I first saw Blake Sennett in the television show Boy Meets World, but it wasn't until I heard his music through the band Rilo Kiley that I became a fan. Although most of the songs of Rilo Kiley are credited to both Jenny Lewis and Blake, I presume that Jenny composed most of the lyrics while Blake composed most of the music. For a lot of the songs, I really love his guitar work. I haven't listened to much from his other bands.

Since I've seen Rilo Kiley in concert several times, I have met Blake a couple times to have him sign my albums. He's always seemed a bit quiet and stand-offish to me. Although, I did see the top of his ass once when he partially dropped his pants to the few remaining people after a concert.


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