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The game's icon.

Blue is a casual puzzle video game developed and published by bontegames and released on 2019-09-05 for iOS, and later on a couple other platforms. The game consists of 50 levels where you have to change the screen to blue by manipulating the playing field. Part of each puzzle is learning out how the playing field can be manipulated before figuring out how to solve the puzzle. The game is very similar in style to the Hoshi's Saga games, and is the sequel to three earlier games with similar color names.


This game showed up in my suggested games since I had already beat the previous three.


This is a free adware game. I beat it on 2020-05-19 without hints.


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— This section contains spoilers! —


  • There were several interesting puzzles to solve.
  • The game has a limited, but enjoyable soundtrack.


  • Very few of the puzzles were difficult.
  • A lot of the puzzles are derivative of puzzles from the previous games.
  • The game is too short. You'll finish it in a few minutes.
  • The on-screen help and back buttons get in the way on several puzzles.


  • Nothing.