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Bomberman (originally called Dynablaster in Europe) is a video game universe originally created by Hudson Soft in 1983 and is now owned by Konami. As the title suggests, the game is about a man who uses bombs to destroy monsters. The series has been phenomenally successful now totaling over 70 unique video game titles in the franchise and has been supplemented with manga, anime, and a host of other forms of merchandise. The Bomberman franchise got its start on the MSX computer standard.


As a child, I never owned or even played any games in the Bomberman franchise. However, as an adult I became aware of the franchise, and now find the games to be very enjoyable. I primarily like them for their multiplayer features, but they often stand on their own as single-player games as well.


Video Games

This only covers games up to the year 2000.

Released Title Platforms Style
1983-??-?? Bomberman FM-7, MSX, PC-6001, PC-8800, Sharp MZ-80K, Sharp MZ-80B, Sharp X1, ZX Spectrum Early
1985-12-20 Bomberman Game Boy Advance, MSX, NES, Palm OS Standard
1987-08-07 RoboWarrior MSX, NES Unique
1990-08-31 Atomic Punk Game Boy Bomber Man GB
1990-12-07 Bomberman Amiga, Atari ST, DOS, Sharp X68000, TurboGrafx-16 Standard
1991-??-?? Atomic Punk Arcade Related
1991-06-28 Bomberman II NES Standard
1992-06-?? New Atomic Punk: Global Quest Arcade Related
1992-12-11 Bomberman '93 TurboGrafx-16 Standard
1993-04-28 Super Bomberman J2ME, SNES Standard
1993-12-10 Mega Bomberman Genesis, TurboGrafx-16 Standard
1993-??-?? Hi-Ten Bomberman Arcade Related
1994-04-28 Super Bomberman 2 SNES Standard
1994-08-10 Bomber Man GB Game Boy Bomber Man GB
1994-11-?? Wario Blast featuring Bomberman! Game Boy Related
1994-12-22 Bomberman: Panic Bomber Arcade, FM Towns, PC-9800, Sharp X68000, TurboGrafx CD Panic Bomber
1994-??-?? Hi-Ten Chara-Bomb Arcade Related
1995-03-01 Super Bomberman: Panic Bomber W Super Famicom Panic Bomber
1995-04-28 Super Bomberman 3 Super Famicom Standard
1995-07-21 Panic Bomber Virtual Boy Panic Bomber
1995-08-10 Bomber Man GB 2 Game Boy Bomber Man GB
1996-04-26 Super Bomberman 4 Super Famicom Standard
1996-07-19 Saturn Bomberman Saturn Standard
1996-12-20 Bomber Man GB 3 Game Boy Bomber Man GB
1996-12-20 Bomberman: B-Daman Super Famicom B-Daman
1997-02-28 Super Bomberman 5 Super Famicom Standard
1997-05-01 Neo Bomberman Arcade Related
1997-07-01 Scud: The Disposable Assassin Saturn Unique
1997-09-26 Bomberman 64 Nintendo 64 Bomberman 64
1997-12-11 Saturn Bomberman Fight!! Saturn Standard
1997-??-?? Atomic Bomberman Windows Related
1998-01-09 Bomberman World PlayStation Adventure
1998-04-16 Bomberman Wars PlayStation, Saturn Standard
1998-04-30 Bomberman Hero Nintendo 64 Unique
1998-08-06 Bomberman Fantasy Race PlayStation, Windows Racing
1998-12-10 Bomberman: Party Edition PlayStation Standard
1998-12-14 Pocket Bomberman Game Boy, Game Boy Color Pocket Bomberman
1998-12-?? Bomberman Quest Game Boy Adventure
1999-12-03 Bomberman 64: The Second Attack Nintendo 64 Bomberman 64
2000-05-14 Bomberman Max: Blue Champion Game Boy Color Adventure
2000-05-14 Bomberman Max: Red Challenger Game Boy Color Adventure
2000-12-21 Bomberman Land PlayStation Adventure




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