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Boo! is a casual puzzle video game developed and published by bontegames and released for the browser and iOS on 2017-10-23. A revision was made for iOS and Android a year later. In the game, you dip pumpkins into paint in order to make a specific colored face. To achieve this goal, you must dress the pumpkin in various Halloween-themed costume pieces that block paint on certain areas of its face. The original version has 16 levels, while the revision has 21 levels.


I learned about this game from my friend Beau who reviewed it on his Web page. The art style was attractive enough to convince me to download it. After seeing how it worked, I played it through and beat it in a couple sittings, finishing it on 2020-05-10.


The game is adware, and I have beaten it.


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Best Version: Android

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The game's art style uses an attractive palette and has a nice quaintness about it.
  • The music, although short and sweet, fits the game perfectly.


  • For as simple as it is, the game drags on for a little too long.


  • The game is a bit too simplistic. With only four pieces of costume, two of which are simply mirrored, only a little variation is possible. After about 10 levels, you've already figured out how to do everything the game can ask of you, so, from that point on, you're just moving through the paces. The game would be nicer if new costume pieces were added as it progressed to add variety and complexity.


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Longplay, original.
Longplay, revision.


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