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Borderlands is an first-person shooter (FPS) role-playing game (RPG) set on a desolate planet called Pandora. Pandora was being mined by a company that employed criminals and the poor, but when the ore dried up, they left the planet and their employees. Now, the remaining people have setup tribes to control the remaining equipment and buildings. However, a scientist who remained has discovered that the planet has a huge secret vault which has led militant groups to return to the abandoned planet to unlock the vault. You are a vault hunter who is trying to get the the vault and open it before anyone else. To do this, you fight against the tribes, avoid the dangerous flora and fauna, and make alliances with some of the inhabitants.

I would love to see more games based on this engine, specially high-fantasy, which is a good sign.



  • The comic book style graphics are really impressive.
  • Character movement, jumping, running, crouching, driving, etc., are all polished and fluid.
  • The setting is wonderful and highly detailed. Each map has a lot of areas that reward exploration.
  • The dreary palette fits the game perfectly, especially with the night and day transitions, though it does feel a bit depressing over time.


  • There are a few glitches with some of the walls, especially near the end of the game, where you can get stuck.
  • While the game offers many types of guns (pistols, SMG, sniper rifles, launchers, etc.), I found most of them to be considerably inferior to the combat rifle. Every time I found a really powerful, say, pistol, I found it to be much weaker than even an average combat rifle.
  • The game is extremely linear. Every encounter is scripted. It helps that there are hundreds of side-quests, but they too are scripted.
  • The idea of money and ammo just lying around everywhere is rather silly. While I like not having to have to buy ammo every five seconds, I think I'd fine the game more realistic if I got the ammo off of corpses rather than finding full ammo chests every few feet.
  • Later in the game, much of it is repetitive. Many areas feature the same monsters, the same graphics, and the same voice acting.
  • Several of the bosses in the game can be defeated in complete safety with an accurate sniper rifle.


  • The economy near the end of the game is really weak. I had over $2,000,000 with nothing to spend it on. It is rare to have vendors sell anything better than a gun or shield you found off a corpse, even in their expensive "Item of the Day" sections.