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Last logo used by the company.

Brøderbund Software was an American software developer and publisher that existed from 1980-1998. The company primarily sold video games, but also sold utility software. Their more popular brands included Loderunner, Karateka, Prince of Persia, Carmen Sandiego, Myst, and The Print Shop.

The company was started by brothers Doug and Gary Carlston to sell the games developed by Doug. The company saw a lot of initial success, especially from Loderunner and The Print Shop, which convinced them to go public in 1991. They continued their success by publishing Myst, but, after several poor subsequent years, they finally sold to The Learning Company in 1998. Although that ended the company, the brand continued for many years later.


I always remember being impressed with the named "Brøderbund," in particular, because of the slash through the o. The first Brøderbund game I remember playing was Where In the USA Is Carmen Sandiego? at my cousin's house, but, over the years, I played a surprisingly large number of Brøderbund titles, usually without even knowing it. My family's first computer included a copy of The New Print Shop which I played around with quite a lot as well.


The following are games developed or published by Brøderbund Software that are important to me.



Windows 3




The Brøderbund log changed a couple more times after the company was sold to The Learning Company. There was a brief time between the 1980 logo and the 1981 revision where the new logo sometimes didn't include the three crowns, but also included the word "software" like the original.


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