Broken Bride

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Broken Bride

Ludo - Broken Bride.jpg

CD - USA - first edition.

Artist Ludo
Published 2005-09-27
Type Concept, Extended Play
Genre Heavy metal, Hard rock, Rock
Themes Death, adventure

Broken Bride is an EP by Ludo released on 2005-09-27. The five-track album is a rock opera built from songs spanning the genres of heavy metal, hard rock, and rock. The story presented in the music is about a scientist whose lover is killed in a car accident, so he creates a time machine to go back to prevent her death, but he winds up getting lost in time, first having to survive in prehistory with dinosaurs trying to eat him, then later in the post-apocalyptic ends of the earth, before finally getting back to her.



After discovering Ludo from their song Love Me Dead, I started looking for other music by the band. I first listened to Part I: Broken Bride and thought it was amazing. The only other song I especially enjoyed from the album is the first half of Part III: The Lamb and the Dragon, but I still appreciate the entire album as a whole.

Track listing

Track Title Composers Rank Rating
1 Part I: Broken Bride Andrew Volpe 1 Rating-8.svg
2 Save Our City Andrew Volpe 4 Rating-2.svg
3 Part II: Tonight's the Night Andrew Volpe 3 Rating-4.svg
4 Part III: The Lamb and the Dragon Andrew Volpe, Tim Ferrell 2 Rating-7.svg
5 Part IV: Morning in May Andrew Volpe 5 Rating-2.svg

The album's total score is 204.


Album Art


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