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Title screen.

Buccaneers is a pirate-themed beat 'em up developed and published by Duintronic for the arcade in 1989. This was the company's first and last game. It was never ported to any other platform.


I found this game randomly while exploring MAME. I played around with it for a little while, but, after fighting with the controls, I quickly gave up on it.


I do not own this game, I have not beaten it, and have no desire to ever play this game again.


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Best Version: Arcade

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • Although they're quite dated, the graphics are well-drawn.


  • The game is terribly monotonous, the enemies are very dull.
  • You play on a 2-D platform without the ability to move up or down despite the graphics making it look like you should.
  • Jumping is very difficult to control.
  • The music is dull, and the sound effects are obnoxious.
  • The ending is the same as the title screen. How boring.
  • The bosses can be defeated almost entirely by mashing the kick button.


  • Play control is so slow and sluggish that the game is practically unplayable.
  • With only 4 stages, and stage 4 being a mere boss fight, the game is extremely short. It can be finished in about 5 minutes.






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