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Bullsh*t: How to Detect Junk Science, Bogus Claims, Wacky Theories, and General Human Stupidity, by John Grant, is a book about what you can do to help discern facts from lies. Grant does this by explaining examples of bad logic and pseudoscience and explaining the flaws.


I own a hardcover copy of this book and have read it.



  • The book is nicely written and enjoyable all the way through.
  • There is a good spread of various different topics of bullshit.


  • The book is really more of a list of bad ideas and why their wrong rather than an in-depth look at how to steel your mind to detect them, as the title suggests.
  • The author incorrectly suggests that a toilet's flow is a product of the Coriolis force.
  • Sources are listed in the bibliography, but they're not cited to specific claims throughout the book, so it's very difficult to verify this.


  • Nothing.