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Capcom's logo.

Capcom is a Japanese video game developer and publisher founded to design, create, and sell video games. The company was created under the name I.R.M. Corporation in 1979 by Kenzo Tsujimoto, who was also president of Irem at the time. I.R.M. formed a subsidiary called Japan Capsule Computers Co., Ltd. In 1981, I.R.M. changed names to Sambi Co., Ltd., and in 1983, Japan Capsule Computers was shortened to Capcom. In 1989, Sambi and Capcom merged and kept the name Capcom.

During the NES era, Capcom had, in my opinion, the system's best artwork and most advanced sound engine. Also, unlike most companies, Capcom consistently released solid games, even when making 3rd party titles, which was rare. However, despite having superior art and sound, Capcom ranks as my second-favorite game designer of the era, falling short to Nintendo. There are two main reasons why Capcom isn't my favorite: their games were usually plagued by obnoxious difficulty levels, and their games were more formulaic and less intriguing than Nintendo's. I'm less familiar with Capcom's work after the 16-bit era.

Capcom really had a problem with figuring out the correct level of difficulty. Even many of their games target toward children, like Little Nemo: The Dream Master were obscenely hard, even for hardened adult gamers. Occasionally the designers would go the other route and make a particularly easy game like Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers, but only very rarely were able to dial the difficulty in just right and make a game that is challenging, but not ridiculous, like DuckTales.


Here are some of the games Capcom created that are important to me.

Game Boy



Box Layouts

During the NES era, Capcom redesigned their North American box layout a couple times.


These are people who worked at Capcom whose work I appreciate.


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