Captain N: The Game Master

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Captain N: The Game Master is an animated children's television show produced by DIC Entertainment about a teenage boy who gets sucked into his television, and the world of video games. The show ran from 1989-09-09 to 1991-10-26 and lasted for three seasons totaling 34 episodes. The show was also turned into a comic book.



  • The idea of living in a universe where various video game worlds are real, and can be warped between is really interesting.
  • Levi Stubbs does a great job voice-acting Mother Brain.
  • The game incorporates various sound effects and music from actual video games, which was pretty awesome.


  • Several of the characters are drawn quite incorrectly (Mother Brain doesn't have a face, etc.) others are drawn with incorrect colors (King Hippo is cyan skin, Mega Man is green, etc.).
  • Despite having dozens of games to draw inspiration from, the show's designers often created new monsters and environments for each episode which had nothing to do with video games.


  • The show was targeted toward young children, but it's so painfully childish, it becomes nearly unwatchable as an adult.