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E-book cover.

Cast In Moonlight is a novella written by Michelle Sagara and first published in the book Harvest Moon on 2011-09-27 and then independently as an e-book on 2012-09-01. The story is set in the Chronicles of Elantra universe and serves as a prequel to the first book, Cast In Shadow. It describes how Kaylin Neya joined the Hawks.

While trying to find more female authors of fantasy and sci-fi, this series was included near the top of pretty much every list I found. However, I did not enjoy this book at all.


I do not own this book, but have listened to an audio book recording of it.



  • Nothing really, but the setting does have some potential.


  • There are too many characters and too many different races, and not enough description of each to form a picture of them in my head. I'm presuming because this is a prequel, the author just assumed that her readers were already familiar with the characters.
  • The writing felt unrefined. Even with a short book, the author wrote that characters "frowned" about two dozen times and "grimaced" about a dozen more. More effort could have been expended coming up with unique ways of saying this.
  • I found the world to be too structured and tidy for a fantasy setting. Typically, when a world has dragons and magic, the world is arcane and uncertain, but here, the city has an interconnected communication system, crime scene investigators, a detailed government structure, etc.


  • The whole time I felt like I was reading the final project of a high school teenager's creative writing class rather than the work of a professional author.