Cast in Moonlight

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Cast In Moonlight - EBook - USA.jpg

E-book cover.

Author Michelle Sagara
Published 2011-09-27
Type Fiction
Genre Fantasy
Themes Fantasy
Age Group Adult

Cast in Moonlight is a novella written by Michelle Sagara and first published in the book Harvest Moon on 2011-09-27 and then independently as an e-book on 2012-09-01. The story is set in the Chronicles of Elantra universe and serves as a prequel to the first book, Cast in Shadow.

The story describes how Kaylin Neya initially joined the Hawks.


Read?Audiobook read by Khristine Hvam.
FinishedOctober 2018.

While trying to find more female authors of fantasy and sci-fi, this series was included near the top of pretty much every list I found. However, I did not enjoy this book at all.




— This section contains spoilers! —


  • Nothing really, but the setting does have some potential.


  • There are too many characters and too many different races, and not enough description of each to form a picture of them in my head. I'm presuming because this is a prequel, the author just assumed that her readers were already familiar with the characters.
  • The writing felt unrefined. Even with a short book, the author wrote that characters "frowned" about two dozen times and "grimaced" about a dozen more. More effort could have been expended coming up with unique ways of saying this.
  • I found the world to be too structured and tidy for a fantasy setting. Typically, when a world has dragons and magic, the world is arcane and uncertain, but here, the city has an interconnected communication system, crime scene investigators, a detailed government structure, etc.


  • The whole time I felt like I was reading the final project of a high school teenager's creative writing class rather than the work of a professional author.



Strong female character?Pass
Bechdel test?Unknown
Strong person of color character?Unknown
Queer character?Unknown