Castlevania: The Adventure

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European box art.

Castlevania: The Adventure is an action platform game by Konami and part of the Castlevania series.

I tried playing this game several times, but became so frustrated by the poor controls, I gave up.


I do not own this game, and I have not beaten it.


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Best Version: Super Game Boy

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The graphics are pretty decent for a Game Boy game.


  • The game runs too slowly. It feels like it's lagging the whole game.
  • Most of the music is derivative of previous games in the series, except they sound worse, and not because of the weaker audio hardware. The music that is new to this game isn't very good.


  • The controls are particularly bad. You can't change direction mid-jump, and often jump straight up even when pressing left or right. The jumps are also painfully short and slow, making it difficult to clear enemies or short gaps. Also, like most early Castlevania games, the knock-back is obnoxious, and it frequently sends you into a pit, killing you.


Box Art




Language Native Transliteration Translation
English Castlevania: The Adventure
Japanese ドラキュラ伝説 Dracula Densetsu Dracula Legend


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