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Steam title card.

Cave Story is an action adventure platform game (Metroidvania) developed by Daisuke Amaya and published by Studio Pixel in 2004 for Windows. Your character finds himself in an underground cave system amid intelligent bunny-like characters who are being abducted and enslaved by an evil doctor from the surface. You quickly become mixed up in the scheme and try your best to save them.

My friend Cody introduced me to the game, and I played it only enough to beat Balrog in the first encounter. I put it down for quite awhile after that, but eventually picked it back up and played it through properly.


I own Cave Story+ and have beaten it on easy difficulty and got 35/76 achievements.


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9 8 7 10 6

Best Version: 80%

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The story is a bit cartoonish, but fun and exciting.
  • Daisuke Amaya's music is wonderful, especially with the remastered music in Cave Story+.
  • The graphics and art are really quite beautiful, again, even better in the upgrade.
  • The fact that the low-res game is free is also a bonus.


  • While they packed an awful lot into the game, it still feels too short.
  • In easy mode at least, most of the bosses are -very- easy and can be defeated with the following strategy: Switch to missiles, get close, shoot rapidly, boss dies.


  • Nothing. A well-made game all-around.



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Language Native Transliteration Translation
English Cave Story
Japanese 洞窟物語 Dokutsu Monogatari Cave Story