Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers (video game)

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North American box art.

Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers is a platform action game developed and published by Capcom on 1990-06-08 for the NES and PlayChoice-10. It is the first video game set in the Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers universe. The game is based on the Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers cartoon and, in the game, you play Chip and Dale as they attempt to foil the plans of the evil villain Fat Cat with help from the other Rescue Rangers. A few years later, the game was followed by a sequel.


I enjoyed watching the television show when it came out, and I remember seeing advertisements for the game. This caused me to rent it shortly after it was released and ended up beating it before I had to return it, something that very rarely happened with me, so I knew the game was really easy. Even still, I very much liked the game.

I do not own this game, but I have beaten it.


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Best Version: NES

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The game plays as a competent 8-bit era platformer.
  • The graphics are well-drawn and the backgrounds drawn to such a large scale help remind you just how small the Rescue Rangers are.
  • Harumi Fujita upbeat music fits the game's theme, and she nicely incorporated the cartoon's theme song.
  • The cut-scenes help capture the fun and excitement of the cartoon.
  • The game does a good job at including elements from the show into the game.
  • I like that you can hide under crates.
  • The two-player simultaneous cooperative play is a well made. I like how you can pick up your friend and toss them.


  • The game is too easy. Even as a child, I was able to beat it without too much trouble.
  • Collecting black and white flower panels to earn a 1-up is too derivative of the coins in Super Mario Bros., and they don't fit the game's theme.
  • The game is already pretty short, so the map should have been restructured to force you to play all of the levels rather than letting you skip some.
  • The ending is very anti-climactic.


  • Nothing.



All of the boxes use the same artwork, just with variations on the graphic layout around it. The European box reveals the most of the artwork. The art is well-painted, but the game doesn't actually include a tomato as a weapon.




Longplay (single player).
Longplay (two player).


Language Native Transliteration Translation
English Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers
Japanese チップとデールの大作戦 Chippu to Deru no Daisakusen Chip and Dale's Mission


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