Circuit Scramble

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Circuit Scramble

Circuit Scramble - AND - Icon.png

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Developer Suborbital Games
Publisher Suborbital Games
Published 2016-04-??
Platforms Android
Genres Casual, Educational, Passive puzzle, Puzzle
Themes Computers, Electronics, Logic

Circuit Scramble is a logic gate themed puzzle video game developed and published by Suborbital Games for Android in April 2016. The game presents you with a collection of logic gates like AND, OR, and XOR, all wired together and to a bunch of switches. The goal is to light up an LED by switching the flow of current on and off through various switches.


Own?No. This game was never sold.
Won?Yes. Three stars on all boards.

I found this game on the Google Play store while looking for a new free game to play.


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Best Version: Android

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The game gives you a nice hands-on approach to the operation of circuitry of logic gates. It teaches you how they work while keeping the game interesting.
  • All the standard gates are covered: AND, OR, XOR, NAND, and XNOR. But also a couple other components are added including an inverter (NOT), a switch, and a multiplexer (MUX).
  • The background music is fitting to the game.
  • I like how the game keeps stats for you and the inclusion of a randomly generated endless mode.
  • In the late stages, where there are several rows of switches and gates, it became far too much for me to keep everything in my head. I basically had to test things out, until I got to a solution, and then reset the game to repeat the solution to get a three-rating.


  • Although the game begins introducing the various components in a timely manner, there is a large gap between when you see the basic components and when you finally see the more complex components, in which things feel a bit repetitive. You have to run through over 90% of boards before you get to the MUX, which means there are only a handful of boards with it, so you don't get a good feel for it.
  • When you re-open the game, you have to manually swipe to the last page you were on rather than have the game remember. Not a major issue, but it got annoying as I neared the end.
  • There were a couple minor graphic glitches with how the traces were drawn. Most people probably wouldn't even notice.
  • Although I enjoyed the game, and felt like I learned a bit while playing it, the game is more of a teaching tool than fun, which accounts for my rating.


  • Nothing.







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