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A ColecoVision with its controllers.

The ColecoVision is a second-generation video game console developed and sold by Coleco Industries in August of 1982. Like other consoles of the time, it used ROM cartridges, and, following in the precedent set by the Intellivision, it used a number pad on the controllers which were hard-wired into the console. The pack-in game was the best home port of Donkey Kong available at the time.

The console was one of the last to be released in the second-generation, so it was technically superior to its rivals, especially the Atari 2600, the most popular console of the generation. However, because it was released so late in the generation, it only had a little time to make a name for itself before the third-generation consoles were released, and it never exploded in popularity like the 2600. However, with over 2 million units sold, it was the third most popular console of gen-two.

The console's CPU is a Zilog Z80A, its graphics chip is a modified Texas Instruments TMS9918, and the audio chip is a Texas Instruments SN76489. The console also featured an expansion port which additional hardware could be plugged in, and, the first expansion was a unit which could play Atari 2600 cartridges.


I remember hearing a little about the the ColecoVision in the late 1980s, and seeing the Coleco logo on some Atari 2600 games (like Donkey Kong, but I never played the console in real life. In the early 2000s, a friend of mine was leaving his parent's house and didn't have a place to keep his stuff (including an old ColecoVision), so he let me have it. However, it was missing the power cable, so I never played it. Later, when emulation became popular, I started playing through various games on the system and found them to be almost entirely weak arcade ports. Those few games made unique for the system are so primitive they lacked the depth necessary for an enjoyable game, so I never gave the system much attention.

I own a ColecoVision with the memory expansion and two games, but I don't know if it works.


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Initial Games

The ColecoVision shipped with Donkey Kong in the box.

The following games were available at the console's launch: Carnival, Cosmic Avenger, Donkey Kong, Lady Bug, Mouse Trap, Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle, Turbo, Venture, and Zaxxon


There are no games for the ColecoVision that are important to me.


I don't know enough about the console to write a proper review.


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