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The Contra logo (1987-1998).

The Contra universe began as a run-and-gun platform arcade game made by Konami in 1987 and has since expanded into over a dozen games. Despite its success, Konami hasn't made a game for the franchise in awhile, and doesn't appear to have any desire to expand the series into comics, television shows, or other media.

The first Contra game I played was the NES port of the original in the late 1980s. I have beaten Contra and Super C on the NES and Operation C on the Game Boy. I've played all of the console ports of the other 8-bit and 16-bit releases, but haven't played much else, so my opinions are quite a bit out of date. While I used to really love the early games, I've grown less enamored with them over the years because they rely mostly on reflexes and level memorization, and have little in the way of depth or discovery.


Title First Release
Contra 1987-02-20
Super Contra 1988-01-??
Contra (NES) 1988-02-09
Contra (MSX2) 1989-05-26
Super C 1990-02-02
Operation C 1991-01-08
Contra III: The Alien Wars 1992-02-28
Contra Force 1992-09-30
Contra: Hard Corps 1994-09-15
Contra: Legacy of War 1996-11-29
C: The Contra Adventure 1998-??-??
Contra: Shattered Soldier 2002-10-23
Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX 2002-11-07
Neo Contra 2004-10-19
Contra 4 2007-11-13
Contra ReBirth 2009-05-12
Hard Corps: Uprising 2011-02-16


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