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Convoy - DOS - USA.jpg

MS-DOS - USA - 1st Edition.

Developer Various
Publisher Keypunch Software
Published 1987-07-15
Platforms DOS
Genres Compilation

Convoy is a shovelware compilation of four industry-themed video games published by Keypunch Software for MS-DOS on 1987-07-15. The titles included in the package are games which were released for free years earlier, so they're both dated and not very impressive.


This compilation contains four games. Because Keypunch was essentially a pirate organization, they took existing free games, stripped the names of the developers, and renamed them to cover their tracks.

Title Notes
Air Trax A text-based air traffic control simulator from 1983.
Big Rig A 1987 remake of Trucker, a text-based truck driver simulator written in BASIC in 1982. This hacked version sometimes crashes when you reach New York.
Bridge Contractors A 1986 remake of International Bridge Contractors, a text-based company simulator written in BASIC in 1981.
Fire Out The 1985 game Fire Fighter, a text-based fire-fighter simulator.


Won?See individual game pages.

My cousin had this game around 1989. Our favorite game was International Bridge Contractors because it was multiplayer and had a lot of humor. Big Rig was our second favorite, then Fire Out, but we never really figured out how to play Air Trax.


Box Art


Since Keypunch probably never secured the rights to these game in the first place, and has long since gone out of business, I'm making the software available here.