Costello Music

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Costello Music

Fratellis, The - Costello Music.jpg

CD - USA - first edition.

Artist The Fratellis
Published 2006-09-11
Type Studio
Genre Rock, Alternative rock
Themes Relationships, drug use

Costello Music is the debut studio album of The Fratellis. It was released on CD on 2006-09-11 and consists mostly of rock songs.


I learned about this album in 2006 after researching the origin of the song Cigarillo which I had heard in an indie bundle. Loving the song, it led me to this album, and I very much enjoyed the other songs as I listened to it.

I do not own this album on CD.

Track Listing

All songs are composed by "The Fratellis" who, at the time, consisted of Jon Fratelli, Barry Fratelli, and Mince Fratelli.

Track Title Rank Rating
01 Henrietta 2 Rating-8.svg
02 Flathead 5 Rating-6.svg
03 Cuntry Boys & City Girls 8 Rating-4.svg
04 Whistle for the Choir 1 Rating-9.svg
05 Chelsea Dagger 3 Rating-8.svg
06 For the Girl 4 Rating-7.svg
07 Doginabag 11 Rating-4.svg
08 Creepin Up the Backstairs 13 Rating-0.svg
09 Vince the Loveable Stoner 10 Rating-4.svg
10 Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night 12 Rating-0.svg
11 Baby Fratelli 7 Rating-4.svg
12 Got Ma Nuts from a Hippy 9 Rating-4.svg
13 Ole Black 'n' Blue Eyes 6 Rating-5.svg

The US release replaces Cuntry Boys & City Girls with The Gutterati?. The Japanese release includes the B-sides Dirty Barry Stole the Bluebird and Cigarillo.

The album's total score is 664.



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