Crossing the Rubicon

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Crossing the Rubicon

Sounds, The - Crossing the Rubicon.jpg

CD - USA - first edition.

Artist The Sounds
Published 2009-06-02
Type Studio
Genre New wave
Themes Relationships, love, partying, rebellion

Crossing the Rubicon is the third studio album by The Sounds, released on 2009-06-02 on CD. The album mixes the synthesizers of 1980s new wave with post-punk revival. Songs vary in themes from the appreciation for music and culture, personal growth, partying, and love and relationships.


I discovered The Sounds because the song 4 Songs & a Fight was included in a Blalock's Indie/Rock Playlist. I liked the song so much, I searched for other songs by the group and fell in love with Crossing the Rubicon. This my favorite album by The Sounds by far (it has a different style than their other albums), and one of my favorite albums in general.

I own this album on CD.

Track Listing

All songs are sung by Maja Ivarsson. Track 12 is a hidden track attached to track 11.

Track Title Writer(s) Rank Rating
01 No One Sleeps When I'm Awake Jesper Anderberg, Félix Rodríguez, Fredrik Nilsson, Maja Ivarsson 6 Rating-8.svg
02 4 Songs & a Fight Jesper Anderberg, Félix Rodríguez 8 Rating-7.svg
03 My Lover Jesper Anderberg, Félix Rodríguez 7 Rating-8.svg
04 Dorchester Hotel Jesper Anderberg, Félix Rodríguez 9 Rating-7.svg
05 Beatbox Jesper Anderberg, Félix Rodríguez 10 Rating-6.svg
06 Underground Jesper Anderberg, Félix Rodríguez, Maja Ivarsson 5 Rating-8.svg
07 Crossing the Rubicon Jesper Anderberg, Félix Rodríguez, Fredrik Nilsson 12 Rating-0.svg
08 Midnight Sun Jesper Anderberg, Félix Rodríguez, Fredrik Nilsson 1 Rating-10.svg
09 Lost in Love Jesper Anderberg, Félix Rodríguez, Adam Schlesinger, James Iha 4 Rating-8.svg
10 The Only Ones Jesper Anderberg, Félix Rodríguez, Fredrik Nilsson, Maja Ivarsson, Johan Bengtsson 3 Rating-9.svg
11 Home Is Where Your Heart Is Jesper Anderberg, Félix Rodríguez, Fredrik Nilsson 2 Rating-9.svg
12 Goodnight Freddy Jesper Anderberg, Félix Rodríguez 11 Rating-0.svg

The album's total score is 1,696.


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