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The logo I most associate with DIC.

DIC Entertainment was a film and television production company, primarily known for their animated cartoons. The studio began in France in 1971 as DIC Audiovisuel, a production division of Radio Television Luxembourg. In 1982, they opened a branch in the USA called DIC Enterprises, Inc. The company saw various mergers and buyouts throughout the 1990s and 2000s including with Capital Cities/ABC Inc. and the The Walt Disney Company. They merged with Canadian company Cookie Jar Entertainment in 2008, and the brand was eliminated in 2012. Cookie Jar was bought by DHX Media in 2012 which later became WildBrain, who is the current holder of all DIC copyrights and brands.


I watched a lot of cartoons as a child, especially cartoons that were video game related, and DIC produced a lot of them. DIC also wisely displayed their brand at the end of each show, which is why I still remember the child voice saying, "DIC," which I always thought was hilarious. However, it wasn't until I reviewed their entire catalog that I realized just how many of the cartoons I watched were produced by DIC. Most of them were only available on cable channels, which my family never had, so I usually only ever saw a couple episodes of each show while at someone else's house. That is probably why I cherished them as much as I did. Children's cartoons are generally awful, as you can see from the list below, and, if I had watched more of them, perhaps I'd have become bored with them.


These are the works DIC Entertainment produced that are important to me: