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David Gray, circa 2011.

David P. Gray is a computer programmer and video game designer. Gray was born and raised in the UK. He eventually worked for UK Ministry of Defence where he wrote weapons software. He later moved to the USA and worked for Raytheon writing air traffic controller software. Although he would frequently use his work computers to write simple games, it wasn't until 1988 that he started working on his first game he intended to sell. By 1990, he had published his first graphical adventure, Hugo's House of Horrors. He followed that up with two sequels and a first person shooter for the series. Later, Gray developed a series of jigsaw puzzle games.


Title Released Roles Rank
Hugo's House of Horrors 1990-01-01 Entire game 2
Hugo II: Whodunit? 1991-??-?? Entire game 3
Hugo III: Jungle of Doom! 1992-02-20 Entire game except the background graphics 1
Nitemare-3D 1994-05-17 Design, programming
Jigsaw Galore 1996-05-24 Entire game
Puzzle Master 1999-??-?? Entire game
Puzzle Master 4 2003-??-?? Entire game
Puzzle Master 5 2004-08-15 Entire game


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