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Dead Like Me is a dark comedy TV series about grim reapers collecting the souls of the recently dead. It ran for two seasons from 2003-07-27 to 2004-10-31 and has 26 episodes. After it was canceled, a made-for-TV film was released titled Dead Like Me: Life After Death.

The main plot of the series is that Georgia 'George' Lass has just died but, rather than move on to an afterlife, she is employed as a grim reaper on Earth. Her job is to pull the souls out of people just before they die so they don't experience a traumatic death. She works with other reapers, including her boss Rube who assigns her new souls to collect ever day, and her co-wokers, Roxy, Mason, and a cast of others. As a reaper, George is given a new body and is allowed to walk among the living, but she must still maintain her new body and buy food and shelter, so she has to take on menial real-life jobs in addition to her work as a reaper. George wasn't thrilled with her life, and thinks even less of her afterlife as she tries to make sense of it and fill her new role.


I stumbled upon the show on TV and saw the episode Nighthawks, which was a good introduction because it acts as a sort of re-introductory episode including clips from the series up until that point. That interested me enough in the series to download the series, and I watched it with my girlfriend at the time. Although I liked the show's first dozen episodes, is get pretty awful near the end.

I don't own the series, but I have seen every episode and the film.



While I really liked the first season, the quality of the show degraded significantly in the second season, and the film was just awful. It was a nice idea, but I wish they would have kept it interesting and closed up the various dangling plots. Instead, they went from it being a rather dark comedy to a slapstick comedy, and the film dropped Rube entirely and changed Daisy's character significantly.


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Strong female character?Pass
Bechdel test?Pass
Strong person of color character?Unknown
Queer character?Unknown


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