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This is a list of programs that try to sneak unwanted software onto your computer when you install them. The majority of these programs are free, so some amount of shady practices are acceptable, but when this occurs in software you've paid for, the companies should be ashamed.

Adobe Flash

Tries to install McAffee antivirus by default. You must deselect it.

Alcohol 52%

Tries to install numerous adware programs including the Babylon, and Coupon programs. These must be declined which is located over the back button.

AMD Driver Update

PAY This is listed as a PAY software because you have to purchase AMD hardware for it to have any use. The default express installation tries to install the AVG Security Toolbar and changes your browser's home page to AVG. You must select custom installation, and uncheck the AVG applications. Also, the program is completely useless unless you sign up to their mailing list.

AVG Free

Tries to install the Pro version (which you have to pay for) by default. When you select the free version, it defaults to the Express Install which hijacks your blank browser page, hijacks your search box, and prevents other programs from resetting it. Toolbar can't be uninstalled, but can be disabled. The front end to turn off the default page doesn't work, and must be changed manually.


Tries to install Google Chrome and make it the default browser which is selected by default.

Driver Guide

Any drivers downloaded from Driver Guide require you to use their downloader which tries to install various unwanted programs. It tries to add the Babylon toolbar to your browsers as well as change your default search engine and homepage. Then it tries to install DealCabby, which you must click on "Decline" to skip, then it tries to install PricePeep, which you must click on "Decline" to skip.

Free Sound Recorder

Always installs the Free Sound Recorder toolbar into Firefox upon installation. By default, change of homepage and default search is turned on.


The Java updater tries to install the Ask toolbar and make it your default search engine. You must uncheck it.

Project 64


Has eBay shortcuts selected by default.

Visual Boy Advance


Tries to install the Winamp toolbar, set your default search engine to AOL, and sign you up at eMusic. All of these options are check on by default. The next page is the DriverScanner 2011 installer which must be unchecked to proceed.

YTD: Video Downloader

The YTD Video Downloader overrides your default search engine with Yahoo! and tries to trick you into installing browser plugins. You have to click the "Decline" button, placed where the "Back" button normally is. There is also a page for a McAfee Security Scan checked on by default, which must be unchecked to remove. When the install finishes, the installer opens your web browser and directs you to their pay site.