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Doom logo by Don Punchatz.

The Doom universe is a science fiction setting originally created by id Software with the 1993 video game Doom, and then expanded upon with a series of video games, books, comics, a movie, and several other forms of media.

My first experience with the series was watching my friend play the shareware release of the first title shortly after it was released. I became a fan of the game, although my family computer at the time could barely run it, and spent a lot of time developing custom maps and mods of the game. Nearly all of my experience with the series comes from the first two games.




  • Doom: Knee Deep In the Dead
  • Doom: Hell On Earth
  • Doom: Infernal Sky
  • Doom: Endgame
  • Doom 3: Worlds On Fire
  • Doom 3: Maelstrom

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