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The boxed game.

Double Dragon is an LCD game developed and published by Tiger Electronics in 1988. The game is a licensed product of the from Double Dragon series, and uses a modified version of the first game's story line where Jimmy Lee, Billy Lee's twin brother, is the villain who kidnapped Billy's girlfriend Marion.


My family had this game in the late 1980s after we got Double Dragon for the NES. I remember being not only disappointed is the NES port, but especially disgusted with the LCD game. However, without any hope of ever getting a Game Boy this was the best I do in terms of portable gaming. I don't know if I ever beat the game when I played it in the 1980s, but, after trying it again as an adult, I beat the game on my first try on 2020-09-02.


I don't own this game, but I have beaten it.


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Best Version: LCD

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • This was an affordable portable game for the time.
  • They captured some of the spirit of the game. You can jump kick, you can take your opponent's baseball bat, Williams throws dynamite, you win hearts at certain score milestones, etc. Although, this is a very low bar to clear.


  • The LCD art isn't very attractive. Billy's leg looks like it's seriously twisted when he kicks, and there are large gaps in the people.
  • It's obvious that this is an earlier NES conversion. The background is just a plain gradient rather than the more attractive art seen in later titles, and the LCD isn't nearly as densely populated as it could be.
  • The falling stalactite is used in three sections of the screen. Would it have killed them to come up with something else?
  • If the player is holding a weapon, it isn't shown unless you punch which makes it hard to know when you get one.
  • As far as I can tell, kick and punch are identical attacks, and, therefore, redundant.


  • Although the box promises all the excitement of the arcade game, it is not even close. The game features only a single interactive opponent, far less tactical combat, and no co-op play.
  • Game play is extremely repetitive. You fight the same enemy dozens of times, avoid the same hazards even more, and perform the same four actions the whole game.
  • The controls are not very responsive. There is a noticeable delay between when you attack and when you're next allowed to move which really hurts game play.
  • The sound is especially grating.


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