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North American box art.

Dragon Warrior, called Dragon Quest in Japan, is a role-playing game for the NES developed by Chunsoft and published by Enix in 1986.

My mother bought us Dragon Warrior and River City Ransom at a garage sale, and I found both games to be a lot of fun.


I have beat the NES game and maxed out my stats.


  • Overall: 4/10
  • Best Version: NES


  • The monster graphics are fantastic.
  • Even with the game's rather poor audio driver, the music is quite good. Enix was wise to hire a professional composer.
  • There player sprite graphic changes when he's holding a sword, shield, and the princess. A nice touch.


  • There isn't much to do in the game. If grinding wasn't necessary, you could talk to every NPC, collect every items, traverse every map, and beat the game in about an hour.
  • The combat is very basic. You can only attack, run, or cast one of six spells. Although, I tend to prefer this over games where combat is a convoluted mess of options.
  • The save the princess trope is wasn't quite as bad at the time, but it's embarrassing now. Especially since you have to literally carry her all the way back to the castle. Interestingly, you can actually beat the game without rescuing her!


  • The game is seriously grind heavy. You would need to raise levels at about ten times the rate to make the game bearable by today's standards.