Dragons of Spring Dawning

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DragonLance Chronicles, Volume 3: Dragons of Spring Dawning is the third book in the DragonLance series. It was written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.



  • Again, the story is overall enjoyable.
  • Beginning the story with Berem's back-story was a good idea.
  • I like how Laurana, despite her flaws, remains a strong woman, not a prize for Tanis.
  • I also like the deviousness of Kitiara.
  • Tanis continues to be an interesting character.
  • I like the dark evilness of Lord Soth.
  • I was glad that they didn't wuss out on Raistlin and turn him into a good guy.


  • By the end of this book, I was growing tired of the series.
  • My disdain for Fizban grew, and learning his secret didn't really help.
  • Putting Flint on a dragon was stupid, and it made me much less sympathetic to his story.


  • The Dark Queen's bargain with to good dragons to keep them out of the war is particularly ridiculous. You don't kidnap someone and then say, "as long as you don't try and stop me from destroying the world, I'll give them back," and expect it to work.
  • The "trap" of taking Laurana is equally as stupid.
  • As a child I probably would have been okay with the idea of good versus evil, but even as a teen I found these ideas a bit too simplistic. As an adult, I find them painfully juvenile.